This blog is dedicated to these 4 beautiful boys i love and am completly obbsessed with,4 boys who like to call themselfs All time low. 4 boys who have changed my life, helped me through the bad times and have made the good times possible. Their lyrics mean everything to me and i dont know what i would do without their music to make me smile.
30/1/12;the day i saw all time low in concert;the day alex smiled at me in the taxi;omg best day ever:')
Alex is the most beautiful human on earth, he's my hero, i love you alex.
I always follow back but when i do it will say meganmayxo x

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hi guys if your still following me thank you so much omg i havent posted in months because i changed my tumblr and forgot to give you my url, it’s :)) 


that’s why his eyebrows are so big

they’re full of homo

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